Christ Village

a feature documentary film - currently in pre-production

In a country of 1.3 billion people, more than 160 million of them are deemed to be less than human.
Even their shadows are considered polluted. They exist for death - in hopes of being reincarnated into a higher caste. They are unloved, unhelped and Untouchable. 

Large numbers of India's Untouchables are beginning to embrace Jesus, clinging to the promise of new hope. Entire villages have chosen to follow Him alone, destroying their idols, throwing the Hindu priests out of their villages, and declaring with one voice, “We are a Christ village.” Over Easter weekend last year more than a half million Untouchables professed Jesus as Savior and were baptized. So far 2017 more than a million more have chosen to follow Christ alone.

We are partnering with Water of Life, an evangelical nonprofit dedicated to giving clean, disease-free water sources to the most vulnerable in society. Aided in the advance of the Gospel by this powerful tool, Water of Life's indigenous partners preach Christ and endeavor to plant a church in every single village where a water well is drilled. Consider giving to this ministry through The Gospel Fund.

(This film is currently in pre-production)

Christ Village

Help share this powerful narrative and vision through the new theatrical-release documentary film that will explore the story of faithful, tireless men who give God the glory as He redeems and transforms this dark land one Christ Village at a time. Your gift will help make this documentary film a reality.