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Perhaps the most effective tools employed in marketing commercial and residential real estate are professional photography and video. Properties whose listings use DIY photography or amateur video are often viewed as inferior properties. Those with stellar professional imagery are prized with higher perceived values, better offers and faster closings.

Based in Franklin, TN (Nashville) and working all over the world, SailWind creates tier-one architectural photography and video for commercial and residential properties utilizing the latest in aerial, high-dynamic range and digital imaging technologies.

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Professional Photography

Video Walk-Throughs

Aerial Drone Imaging

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography

Twilight Photography

2D Floor Plans

Real Estate Service Pricing

It all begins with Professional Photography.

Add these Basic Services based on your square footage. 

3,000 sf
up to
5,000 sf
up to 
7,000 sf
up to
10,000 sf
Professional Photography$200$250$300$350

     Add Video Walk-Through+ $50+ $50+ $50+ $50
     Add Zillow 3D+ $75+ $100+ $125+ $150
     Add 2D Floor Plan+ $100+ $125+ $150+ $175

Then add these flat rate Add-On Services to enhance your listing. 

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography
     Full HDR photography inside and outside
+ $100
Twilight Photography
     3-5 exteriors
+ $125
Additional Buildings / Community Amenities
    5 photos / 5 video clips
+ $100
Aerial Drone Imaging

Basic Drone
(for small properties)
5-10 photos
30 seconds of edited video

Premium Drone (for large properties < 10 acres)
10-15 photos
1-2 minutes of edited video

Luxury Drone (for larger properties > 10 acres)
15-20 aerial photos
Custom video

+ $300

+ $400

+ $500

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