Move Work, Not People

Engineering and Construction Management firm Ford, Bacon & Davis controls costs and scheduling of their projects through an ingenious workflow process  they call "Move Work, Not People."  We produced this short video to promote the concept to their customers and prospects. 

All The Stars

This music video features Caroline Cobb singing her
new single celebrating God's covenant with Abraham.

Produced with
Frontline Missions International
and Hansen Production Studios 

The Electrification of Rural America

In an Executive Order signed by President, Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1935 the Rural Electric Authority was born. In the coming years thousands of farmers across America would organize Rural Electric Cooperatives to bring electricity to their farms. 

Celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative.


Marketing lighting renovations is a bit like asking a facility manager to tear out a perfectly good lighting system and install a new one. We helped Hubbell Lighting identify key vertical markets then we identified the pain points that keeps those customers up at night and we found relevant solutions to their unique challenges. 

Here is the video we created to speak to the hotel market. 


When an abusive relationship turned violent
Samantha found herself pregnant and scared.

The Lighting Solutions Center

Leadership Through Innovation: The undisputed industry leader in customer training centers among lighting manufacturers, the Lighting Solutions Center provides lighting professionals with innovative solutions to their most difficult challenges.

MORPH: The Series

When a church wanted to create some anticipation for an upcoming series of messages about transforming lives, we created MORPH. A series of first hand accounts of how God has changed people's lives. Are you ready to be morphed? 

     -  A meth addict for 36 years, Lisa's addiction cried louder to her than her own son.
     -  As a fifth grader, Ryan awoke to find his mother not breathing.
     -  Chris suffered the deaths of his wife and two daughters spiraling him into depression. 

     -  Billy had been dealing drugs since he was a kid. After multiple terms in prison God showed him a way out.

Here is Lisa's story. 

Heather: Chosen

As a teen Heather made some bad choices
that brought lifelong consequenses. 

This short film was created to Celebrate Life at Piedmont Women's Center's annual fundraiser.

Joyful Ornaments

Triathlete and high school teacher, Susan DuPont is a vibrant young woman diagnosed with two different types of cancer. But her heroic spirit has more than one dog in this fight for life.